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About the founder
Guy Bennett B.Sc. shares his personal journey with Kinesiology and how he was guided to form the College of Kinesiology.
About the College of Kinesiology
The College of Kinesiology Started out as a training Hub in 2001 where experts from all over Australia and the World converged to share their knowledge of Kinesiology to students and practitioners a like.  At the end of 2007 the national training package for Kinesiology was released, and we became a Registered Training Organisation (RTO number 40799), delivering the Diploma of Kinesiology HLT52415.  We continue to evolve and refine the program to bring you a qualification that is simple and supportive to learn, but also delivers the superior clinical results.  One of our focuses is to support the student to grow and evolve so that each graduate can truly hold the space to support their future clients on their healing journey.  The Diploma of Kinesiology delivered by the College of Kinesiology, gives you everything you need for success in your future career as a Kinesiologist.”
Kinesiology is a new modality (Early 1960’s) which has taken the world by storm. It’s rapid and continued rise is happening, because it is improving people’s lives in every possible way.

Radically different than any other form of health care, there is nothing else quite like Kinesiology. It taps directly into the Subconscious to give instant readouts about what we need to restore health and balance. Even when people have been on the receiving end of Kinesiology it can still be hard to grasp its finer points. Because it is so very different to anything else on the planet, we have provided this Exclusive Free Webinar to upskill your understanding and appreciation of Kinesiology.

This comprehensive webinar will give you a clear understanding of just how it works Including:

· An in-depth appreciation for how Kinesiology supports the body to resolve stress and self-heal
· An overview of its history and evolution to where it is today
· Insight into why Kinesiology is at the cutting edge of alternative medicine and much more.
Choosing the Right College for you
While Kinesiology in Australia is part of the national training package and all colleges must meet a set of requirements, how each college does this is very different. Even though Kinesiology is very young as a health modality, it has mushroomed into many different versions of itself. Where different styles and approaches seem to gel differently with different folks.
The 90’s and 2010’s saw a massive explosion in styles and interpretations of Kinesiology particularly in Australia, however in recent years they have thinned out somewhat. 

Each college has adopted very different approaches to their Kinesiology techniques, how they are taught, how they are assessed and how much actual supervision time there is from trainers. Many colleges are working out how to get around many of their professional requirements in order to save money.

The approach to training will have a pivotal effect in determining the level of professionalism, your success as a practitioner and your earning potential when you graduate.
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