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This is an opportunity for you to sample a complete weekend training in Kinesiology for only $79.00 normally $320
Experience our exclusive Kinesiology Road Test Weekend in 2024!
This could be your pathway into a new career in natural health.

Training Includes:
  •  Complete Course Manual (90 pages bound)
  •  How to muscle monitor
  •  How to perform Kinesiology pre-checks
  •  Learn to test 14 different muscles
  •  Balance the body’s energy systems
  •  Balance to goals
  •  And more
Brisbane Campus: 
Saturday 16 November 2024 8:45 am to 5:00/5:30pm
Sunday 17 November 2024 9:00am to 5:00/5:30pm
Event Location:
College of Kinesiology 
Level 1, 260 Waterworks Rd
Ashgrove, QLD 4060, Australia 
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Payments are non-refundable but can be transferred to the next available event.
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Guy Bennett B.Sc. shares his personal journey with Kinesiology and how he was guided to form the College of Kinesiology.


I really enjoyed this course. I really like Guy’s teaching style and I am blown away by how much I have learned over the weekend. I learned a lot more practical info/skills than I imagined and I am really excited to continue to explore Kinesiology” -Amanda G

Extremely interesting course. I thoroughly enjoyed it which is something I don’t experience much in most course I have done in the past” -Shane S

“Guy seems to know so much, it’s mind blowing! What a great weekend and a great place” -Anne L

I thoroughly enjoyed the two day intro course. Guy is an excellent facilitator, very informative, articulate & he has a great sense of humour, which made learning fun. The helpers were great and provided extra support to the group. Thank you.” -Shaunese A

“Very enjoyable weekend with wonderful people, exploring the body’s intelligence, from all backgrounds. A fascinating topic which was explained in an engaging weekend of theory and practical examples. This has definitely opened the door to a whole new way of understanding the depth of healing and how Kinesiology can be used for physical, emotional and spiritual development” -Julieanne C

"Thanks for a great weekend. It was well paced and well organised. Lots of support available and a really welcoming environment. Course content was great. I would recommend this course to anyone with any level of interest in Kinesiology. The fact this is a great mus of theory and practice made it rewarding and enjoyable" - Sue-Anne C 

How long is the Diploma of Kinesiology with this college?
The Diploma is 2 years/four semesters.
Can I do this course if I am working full time?
Most students who are studying at this college are working at least part time and many are working full time. Most of the training occurs on weekends (about every 3rd on average), which makes training accessible for most people. Supervised practice occurs 3 times a week, on Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings and Friday mornings. Coming to one of these sessions per week is recommended.
Can I do the course when I live in a remote location?
Most definitely. We have designed the course so only the hands-on therapeutic skills are taught face to face. These are taught over weekends, two to three weeks apart, during the semester. When distance students attend these, they come early and do some supervised practice while they are near campus to keep up with practice and their assessments. This has been working very well and we have many students from far afield. 
How much time outside of face-to-face training do I need to devote each week?
Six hours per week of study and practice is sufficient for most people to stay on top of study.
Are there any hidden costs?
No. There are no other fees. All training, manuals and assessments are included in the one price. 
Can I afford the course if I am on a low income?
Yes. Our payment Option 2 allows students to pay off the training at $440 per month, which equates to about $110 per week. This means it will take you longer to pay it off, but the monthly expense is lower. There is no loading or interest charges for this option.
If I am studying Kinesiology at another college and I want to move, can I transfer across to this college?
Yes of course. We always try to accommodate transferring students and give them as much recognition for prior learning as possible.
Can I do the course part time?
Yes, the course is 2 years (four full time semesters). This can be extended to a 3 year time frame. We generally suggest deferring alternate semesters so that you can complete each semester over an extended period.
Do you teach the Diploma of Kinesiology online?
The units and course components that do not directly involve practical therapeutic skill development are supplied as correspondence training. However, all the components that involve hands-on skill development are done face to face for best results.
What happens if I can’t make a training date, can I still do the course?
Yes of course. We video each lecture so you can watch the video and read the manuals in your own time. You can also practice the skills in the supervised practice. If you give us notice, you can also resit the course in the next semester at no charge.
How does the cost of the course compare to other colleges?
This college is the least expensive of all other colleges.
If I don’t pass an assessment is there any extra expense to re-sit the assessment?
There are no extra expenses to re-sit an assessment.
If I do the Short Course does it disadvantage me if I want to do the Diploma later? 
No, not at all. The Short Course classes are the first four practical weekends of the Diploma. When you do the Short Course you can convert to the Diploma and use your attendance to carry forward into the Diploma. The cost of the Short Course will be taken off the cost of the Diploma, so there are no extra expenses.
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