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Kinesiology Foundation Program – Short Course
A stand-alone Kinesiology program providing a range of diverse skills.

Training Includes:
  • Balance the Body to Food Intolerance
  • Resolve Emotional Stress and Trauma
  • Balance the Body’s Structure
  • Balance the Nervous System
Brisbane Campus: 
Over four weekends:
KFP1 20 & 21 July 2024
10 & 11 August 2024
24 & 25 August 2024
 14 & 15 September 2024
Event Location:
College of Kinesiology 
Level 1, 260 Waterworks Rd
Ashgrove, QLD 4060, Australia 
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Payments are non-refundable but can be transferred to the next available event.
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Kinesiology Foundation Program - Short Course
This course forms the beginning of the Diploma of Kinesiology and allows you to receive credits if you decide to go further.   It is a four part course which introduces the student to the foundation skills required in becoming an effective kinesiology practitioner. The KFP1-4 is the first part of the Diploma of Kinesiology and is also the Short Course. KFP1 is also the Kinesiology Introduction Weekend. There are no pre-requisites. 
  • ​It is ideal for people looking to help family and friends
  • ​Health Professionals looking to incorporate Kinesiology into their practice
  • If you want to understand kinesiology more deeply
  • ​If you want make sure that kinesiology is for you as a profession
KFP 1  Weekend includes:

How to muscle monitor

How to perform Kinesiology pre-checks

Learn to test 14 different muscles
Balance the body’s meridian 

energy systems using muscles

Balance to goals
KFP 2 Weekend includes:

Learn how to muscle monitor 4 new muscles

New Finger Modes including; Priority Mode & Scan Mode

Learn how to Pause Lock

Learn how to monitor the body’s response to different food and supplements

Working With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Balance the body with the Law of Five Elements

Balance the body with Chi Cycle
KFP 3 Weekend includes:

Working with Emotions part 1

Figure Eight Energy Balance

Temporal Tapping

Cranial Stress Release

Neuro-muscular Integration


5 more body muscles
KFP 4 Weekend includes:

Working with Emotions Part 2

Balancing Dietary and Environmental Stress

Reactive Muscle Technique

Integrating all the techniques

Using a Scan Chart

Another 4 muscles of the body
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