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Dr. Charles Krebs Ph.D. Seminar
The Law of Five Elements of Acupressure  
Dr. Charles Krebs, Ph.D. is the world-renowned author of  A Revolutionary Way of Thinking, Nutrition for the Brain and co-author of Energetic Kinesiology. Charles is the founder of LEAP (Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program) taught here at our college.

Training Includes:
  • How to accurately locate all 72 acupoints of the Law of Five Elements
  • How to balance “hidden” energetic imbalances associated with chronic imbalance
  • How to balance the pain of strains and sprains to rapidly eliminate pain and return full range of movement
  • How to balance the energetic template to facilitate and improve nutrient uptake and utilisation
  • How to apply the Law of Five Elements in a number of different Kinesiological formats
Brisbane Campus: 
4th November - 6th November, 2019

Event Location:
College of Kinesiology 
Level 1, 260 Waterworks Rd
Ashgrove, QLD 4060, Australia 
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